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How To Prank Your Parents

Bored at home? Feel like you’re running out of things to do? Why don’t you have a little fun and pull a prank on your parents? It’s always important to make sure you have a little happiness and excitement in your day. We’re here to help you out with that! 
We’ve got  3 little pranks that you can pull on your parents! We’ll provide you with some ideas and you can get to pranking. These ideas offer some inspiration for safe practical jokes to play at home. 
Check them out below:

Prank your Mom and Dad with a Prank Spider

Do your parents hate creepy crawlies, you can use this prank spider on them! This huge black spider comes in a little wooden box.
All you have to do is hand them the box. They will naturally want to open the box to see what’s inside. Then listen for the scream! When they pull the box back, out jumps the critter! You could even place the box on a counter, dresser, or someone's nightstand. Let them discover it on their own! It’s the perfect way to prank someone while doing nothing!
Don’t have one at home? Get your below:

Prank your Mom and Dad with a Remote Control Insect

This will make them freak out for sure! This remote control prank toy features an insect (ex. ant, cockroach, and spider) that can crawl around. With the press of your remote control, you can move the insect around the room without touching it. 
Here is a good idea! Put the insect in the bathroom before your parents use it, wait a couple of seconds and make it move with your controller. Listen out for their screams and you've pranked them! You can even try this out on your siblings. Put it in their bedroom and move it around while they’re getting ready for bed. 
Make sure if you have pets, they don’t mistake it for a real insect! 
Don’t have one of these at home?
Get yours below:

Prank your Mom and Dad with an Air Shark

This prank is a pretty big one. You may need some help to set this one up but it’s worth it. You’ll have to fill this flying shark with helium and use the infra-red remote control to swim it around the house! While your parents are working in their office, sitting on the couch, or lying in their bed, you can control this Air Shark to enter the area that they are in. They’ll be super shocked to see a shark flying above them. You can prank anyone who comes into your home with this fish. 
You can even end up using this prank fish as a decoration for a party! Make sure your family doesn't get scared enough to pop it.
Want one of these to prank your family?
Get yours here:
Playing pranks on parents and others in your family can be a fun way to beat quarantine boredom. All you need is some creativity and a few resources--which we provided! Get to pranking and stay safe!

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