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6 Smart Puzzles To Quarantine & Chill

One thing I have come to realize is that we human beings cannot be doing nothing for too long. Don’t believe me, you should quarantine yourself with two school going kids and a wife who wants to get things done. I’m pretty sure this is not my story alone, all my fellow husbands, dads and wives and moms, I feel you. That is exactly why I’m here to share 6 of my most favorite puzzles from Dealsosaur that have kept my kids and wife engaged for weeks now. Now let me warn you, get at least 3-4 puzzles in one go, its so interesting that you will have your kids asking for the next one as soon as they are done with their first.

1. Magnetic Jigsaw Puzzle

As the name suggests, this puzzle is magnetic and unlike a regular puzzle, it gives your kid the freedom to create. There is no preset scene that you have to follow and it all is left to your child’s imagination. This puzzle is sure to make your child’s creative brain go wild and make the most of this #stayathome.

2. 1000-Piece Rainbow Round Puzzle for Kids & Adults

Trust me, I always had a great bonding with my wife and kids and I believed it couldn't get any better until I got my family to start this puzzle. The way this challenging yet fun puzzle makes your family think and act together is crazy good. Cherry on top, my 3 year old boy has now picked up the names of all colors, the mom gave it to me on this, she’d been trying for too long.

3. Children's Toy Electric Drill Screw Puzzle

Young builders can drill their very own designs or follow the templates to create their next masterpiece on this revolutionary puzzle. The safe to use drill and screw drive assembly, should say, my kids fell in love with this puzzle. All my dads out there, next time you fix the garage door or assemble some furniture, you can get some help from your kids after this apprenticeship.

4. Tetris Wooden Puzzle Toy

This toy unites two of my all time favorites into one. The classic tetris on a puzzle platform makes both young ones and adults think in ‘shapes. The game is proven to teach dexterity and coordination. It provides a learning experience and aims at training kids imagination, eye-hand coordination and color & shape recognition. In my family, we time our performance and compete among ourselves to see who cracks it first, it's fun until you lose to the kids and wife.

5. Kids Wooden Educational Toy Puzzle Learn From Home

This is my 3 year old’s favourite of the 6 and it is because the puzzle makes him feel like an adult. Made in 9 puzzle pieces, its quite some joy to see him arrange and finish it. This game is kind of a prepping stone for small kids to be confident in such games and get them to try harder ones. I’m only stuck on the 7th tile, I promise.

6. Build on Brick Mug

The Build on Brick mug comes in quite handy when my kids get too much into these games and forget food. I love the fact that it comes in an adult size so I also get to feed myself with the smoothies and shakes made for them. The principle is simple - Build something on your mug while drinking your favorite beverage. By the time kids finish building on the cup, the drink should also be finished, this way we ensure both their learning and nutrition needs are met.

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