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6 Questions You May Have About Face Masks

6 Questions
You May Have About Face Masks 

Coronavirus is still here. It is integral that we all continue to help prevent the spread of the virus. Though we may be social distancing and practicing good hand hygiene, we still need to continue to wear and encourage others to wear cloth masks or face coverings in public settings.

Wearing a cloth face mask helps to prevent the spread of viruses from you to others. Since it is possible for us to have the virus without even knowing, we need to ensure we are protecting others and ourselves. Since we've been wearing masks for a few months now, people may have more questions about them! We have compiled six important questions and answered them for you.  

Read below and keep up with information surrounding protection during the pandemic!

How should my mask fit?

Your mask should fit snug but comfortable. Make sure your mask covers both your nose and mouth. Do not have any spaces around your mask! Use an elastic band or extra string to bring your mask if it does not fit securely over the bridge of your nose or under your chin.

Try to avoid touching your mask while wearing it! You don’t want to spread germs onto the surface of the mask. Also, do not wear your mask as a chin strap or on the top of your head.

 When do I need to wear my mask?

Make sure to wear your mask every time you are in a public setting where it is hard to stay 6ft away from each other. Some of these places include: grocery stores, retail stores, pharmacy, and public transit areas.

If you’re going on walks outside, make sure to pick a place that does not have a lot of people. You should always keep a mask on you, just in case.

Is it safe to stand closer than 6 feet to someone else when you’re wearing a mask?

No. Although your face mask is an added layer of protection, it does not replace social distancing. To be safe, it is encouraged to wear your mask and social distance yourself from others - regardless of it you are both wearing masks.

If you’re going on walks outside, make sure to pick a place that does not have a lot of people. You should always keep a mask on you, just in case.

What's the right way to remove my mask?

Always remove your mask by the strings around your ears. Fold the mask by the corners without touch the mouth or nose areas. 

Then, you can either dispose of your mask straight into the garbage or proceed to wash it (this goes for cloth mask). Always wash your hands after removing your mask and touching it.

How should I wash my mask and how often?

According to the CDC, you can wash your cloth masks by hand or by washing machine. Make sure to use the warmest water that the fabric of your mask can handle. You can also soak your cloth mask in bleach before washing it.

Always make sure your mask is completely dried before wearing it.

How or where should I store my mask?

Store your mask in a cool and dry place. Never place your mask mouth down on any surface. Instead, try to hang it by the ear loops! If you are trying to store the mask during the day, carry it in a disposable paper lunch bag while it’s not being worn.

Key things to remember: Always store it in a dry place to prevent mildew from growing. When you fold your mask make sure the inner cloth that covers your mouth and nose is protected from other surfaces.


There you go!

We hope we've answered some of your questions! It's important to stay educated about what's going on during the pandemic and how to stay safe! Check our blogs for more mask related content.

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