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4 Ways Staying at home made our lives better - 4th one will make you go "WHAAT"

The Corona Virus Pandemic is no doubt wreaking havoc across parts of the world and most experts consider it the world’s greatest challenge so far in recorded history. Come on give it a thought, when was the last time your best friend from France, your neighbor's family in India and Tom Hanks were all affected by one crisis. We have all heard enough of the negative effects, let’s #fliptheswitch and look at some of the positive effects this crisis.

1. Staying at home made family bonds better:

We have all been running non-stop for a long time now and the only time we sit on weekends or holidays, we had 100 other things to do and take care of. With dad, mom and the kids quarantining together, there is a lot of conversation, board games and fun. If you wanted to introduce some fun board games to your family, we have a winner.


2. Less people, less pollution:

How many more proofs do we need to believe that human beings are doing some real bad things to the environment? According to Peter Decarlo, Associate Professor, John Hopkins University, air pollution levels in the most sensitive of areas have come down. This means that we will have cleaner air and clearer skies as we finish the quarantine. If you are going to take a walk out to see the impact for yourself, please do wear protective equipment to keep yourself and others safe. 


3. Who are real-life superheroes? Medical Workers

For many many years, they have been taken for granted and their services were always treated with less respect than it deserved. Well, not anymore, we have had at least 23 instances of global appreciation for healthcare workers. Imagine the impact if all our doctors, nurses and support staff decided to #stayathome and not help fight #COVID19. This love and appreciation is something that should continue even after the pandemic. Say thank you to your medical worker friend, relative or neighbour with this gift and we assure it will mean a lot to them.


4. We are coming together as a group!

Yes, it is happening, we human beings separated based on our color, religion, nationality and race are all coming together to fight this common evil. It is quite a realization that all of what we have accomplished had to come to a standstill because of a virus outbreak. We also have to realize how small we are in front of nature and its power to act. May this global cooperation continue to grow and we help each other in this journey through life. 

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