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6 Questions You May Have About Face Masks

6 Questions You May Have About Face Masks  Coronavirus is still here. It is integral that we all continue to help prevent the spread of the virus. Though we may be social distancing and practicing good hand hygiene, we still need to continue to wear and encourage others to wear cloth masks or face coverings in public settings. Wearing a cloth face mask helps to prevent the spread of viruses from you to others. Since it is possible for us to have the virus without even knowing, we need to ensure we are protecting others and ourselves. Since we've been wearing masks for a few months now, people may have more questions about them! We have compiled six important questions...

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Cloth Masks and Coverings - What You Need To Know

Just Wear Your Mask!We’re still in the middle of a pandemic and it has become crucial in many parts of the world to wear masks in public. Regardless if you are sick or not sick, masks help to prevent the spread of certain viruses. For those civilians that are required to wear masks in public, we have complied a list of things you need to know: Who needs to wear a mask or face covering?According to the CDC, people who will be going into public or certain areas where physical distancing (staying 6ft apart) will be difficult should wear a mask. This includes going to the grocery store, pharmacies, public trails, workplaces, etc. This doesn’t always apply to children younger...

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Where to Buy Face Masks That Are Stylish Online

It's time to protect... but in style. Since we’ll be wearing masks for a while, we might as well start a collection of ones that we really like.  All around the world, civilians are required to wear face masks while going out in public to prevent the spread of the ongoing coronavirus. The best face masks for regular civilians to wear are made of cloth. Surgical medical masks and N95’s are best for essential workers and healthcare professionals. We’ve found some of the best cloth face masks that will still keep you in style. Check out some of the stylish face masks we’ve found below: Our Masks: First, you can check out our stylish masks! We’ve got Fun Prints, Galaxy...

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How To Make a Cloth Face Mask

P R E V E N T I O N    I S   K E Y Masks have started to become mandatory in public in some parts of the world. With the ongoing global pandemic, it is essential for all of us to stay safe and try to prevent the spread of the virus as much as possible.  We have provided a tutorial below on how to make your homemade cloth mask. You can wash these after each use instead of having to re-use or re-purchase packs of disposable medical masks.This mask tutorial is based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  What You Will Need: Two 10”x6” rectangles of cotton fabric  Two 6” pieces of...

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6 Smart Puzzles To Quarantine & Chill

One thing I have come to realize is that we human beings cannot be doing nothing for too long. Don’t believe me, you should quarantine yourself with two school going kids and a wife who wants to get things done. I’m pretty sure this is not my story alone, all my fellow husbands, dads and wives and moms, I feel you. That is exactly why I’m here to share 6 of my most favorite puzzles from Dealsosaur that have kept my kids and wife engaged for weeks now. Now let me warn you, get at least 3-4 puzzles in one go, its so interesting that you will have your kids asking for the next one as soon as they are...

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