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6 Smart Puzzles To Quarantine & Chill

One thing I have come to realize is that we human beings cannot be doing nothing for too long. Don’t believe me, you should quarantine yourself with two school going kids and a wife who wants to get things done. I’m pretty sure this is not my story alone, all my fellow husbands, dads and wives and moms, I feel you. That is exactly why I’m here to share 6 of my most favorite puzzles from Dealsosaur that have kept my kids and wife engaged for weeks now. Now let me warn you, get at least 3-4 puzzles in one go, its so interesting that you will have your kids asking for the next one as soon as they are...

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4 Ways Staying at home made our lives better - 4th one will make you go "WHAAT"

The Corona Virus Pandemic is no doubt wreaking havoc across parts of the world and most experts consider it the world’s greatest challenge so far in recorded history. Come on give it a thought, when was the last time your best friend from France, your neighbor's family in India and Tom Hanks were all affected by one crisis. We have all heard enough of the negative effects, let’s #fliptheswitch and look at some of the positive effects this crisis. 1. Staying at home made family bonds better: We have all been running non-stop for a long time now and the only time we sit on weekends or holidays, we had 100 other things to do and take care of. With...

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9 Mother's Day Gifts To Delight Your Mom

Did you know that Mother’s Day is 18 days away? Have you decided on that one lovely gift that your mom looks forward to every year? Well if you haven’t, do not worry one bit, I have compiled a list of unique products that are guaranteed to make your mom nothing but delighted. This collection is curated from our top sellers last year and I have a product for your mom based on what she loves.  Click on the images to see the product For the mom who loves cooking If you have #foodie in your insta bio and loves eating, we know you have a mom who loves cooking and is on a mission to feed you 24*7. I...

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How to Cut Your Own Hair Men

We know how important it is to have your hair groomed… but when all salons and barbers are closed, what do you do? We’re going to show you how to cut your own hair with some essential grooming tools. We want you to still look and feel your best while in quarantine. Follow these tips and you’ll be able to give yourself a basic cut in no time. Once you become a pro, you won’t have to be spending money on constant cuts. See, we’ve got your back! Step 1: Prepare your hair You want to wash your hair with a good shampoo and conditioner. Towel dry your hair, but make sure it’s still damp. It’s best to cut clean damp hair!...

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How To Prank Your Parents

Bored at home? Feel like you’re running out of things to do? Why don’t you have a little fun and pull a prank on your parents? It’s always important to make sure you have a little happiness and excitement in your day. We’re here to help you out with that!  We’ve got  3 little pranks that you can pull on your parents! We’ll provide you with some ideas and you can get to pranking. These ideas offer some inspiration for safe practical jokes to play at home.  Check them out below: Prank your Mom and Dad with a Prank Spider Do your parents hate creepy crawlies, you can use this prank spider on them! This huge black spider comes in...

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